Have you ever noticed how food can affect more than your bodyweight? Food choices impact our health, wellness, mood and energy levels. Food can, therefore, improve your performance at work. The decisions we make about food, drink and snacks during the day have a huge knock-on effect to our immediate and long-term mood, energy levels and productivity.

Do you experience the classic 3pm-energy slump? Are you constantly topping up your coffee cup at work? Can you get through the afternoon without biscuits? There’s a better way to feel energised, awake and motivated. You just need to eat a fulfilling and nutritious meal.

How can eating well improve productivity in the workplace?

  • Healthy eating increases energy and alertness
  • Eating well ensures a healthy immune system, which will reduce absenteeism
  • Eating well improves sleep, leading to greater concentration
  • Eating well can help to improve mental health
  • And of course, a healthy, balanced diet can help maintain a healthy weight, which gives us an improved ability to take part in physical activity

As mentioned above, making better food choices can also have a positive effect on absence rates at work. If you are an Office Manager or work in HR perhaps you would like to support your staff who wish to eat more healthily.

Why Use Flexi4Work?

The temptation for unhealthy lunch choices at work is high. You may want to eat a healthy lunch but do not have any suitable food options close by.

The answer could be to bring your own lunch into work. However, not everyone has time to make a packed lunch the night before work nor have the time to do lots of meal prep on a Sunday.

That is where Flexi4Work can help. Simply order your lunches for the week ahead. These meals will be delivered to your place of work on a Monday morning. Simply store your meals in the fridge and heat up in just 2-4 minutes when hungry. Choose your lunches from our selection of 20 hot meals and salads.